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A 20-Something Girl’s Guide to the Tell-Tale Signs that You’re Dating a Mr. Know-It-All

I’ve recently dated a “Mr. Know-It-All and NOW just recently realized it! You’re probably wondering how I managed to pull that one off? Honestly, I don’t even know how I didn’t see it….until now. 


Let’s begin shall we…

1) “Bridge Over Water”

My ex-boyfriend, Justin graduated from the very prestigious NYU but couldn’t remember a simple phrase like ”Water Under the Bridge”. Let’s be real…he was a total nerd, but he would never admit to it. Apparently, he really liked it when I called him out on him saying stupid shit like that. Sometimes I wondered if he did this on purpose to test me to see if I would say something to him. 

“But I want someone to challenge me!” - Justin

But what I don’t want is to constantly fight with him about every little thing! Sorry, but that’s not a healthy and supporting relationship. I most certainly didn’t want to argue with him about where the women’s jackets are located in Macy’s…


2) The “Ehh…I don’t know Marie” Moment

"Ehh….I don’t know….are you sure? It’s going to be really cold. I don’t know" - Justin

To recap, I spend majority of my commute on the train, on the subway, and for a good chuck of my day, I’m at the office. So naturally I thought to myself, “Hmm….I’ll live”. His response….

Justin- “I don’t know, I’m just saying it gets really cold in the subway too.”

Me- “I’ll be fine. Plus I’m broke and can’t afford to drop $300 on a jacket right now. I’ll be okay.”

Justin- “Are you sure? Ehh, I don’t know, Marie.”


!@$@ Sir, if I want to freeze to death then let me! I’m an “adult”, I do what I want! Ughh, he DROVE me crazy every time he would say shit like that! And idiot me would listen to him!

Yes, I did end up buying that $300 jacket but for only this reason….

3) Its Just a Jacket…

Back to Macy’s, so the jacket that I originally wanted didn’t come in my size. I decided to get a different jacket instead, but Justin insisted that we call every store in the city to see if they had the jacket I wanted in my size. Yes, super thoughtful of him. What made me want to punch him in the face was that he didn’t want me to buy the other jacket (that was in my size) because he didn’t want me to have to “settle”…..


Hold on, you dragged me out to Macys after giving me this whole speech about how I’m going to freeze to death on my way to work. To basically turn around and tell me not to get a jacket at all.


Yeah, I got the fucking jacket and it was worth every penny. Regardless of the fact that it’s a little big on me but hey, I’m warm as fuck so no, I regret nothing.

"“Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”
― Ralph Waldo Emerson"

That’s my future with my BFF, Avery. <3

Its like looking into a mirror. I’ll be the lady in black, who can’t hear very well, clueless with the times, and with a fowl mouth.

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